Crowhurst Wildlife Verges & Projects

2022 Updates

Throughout Crowhurst we have a number of designated wildlife verges in an early stage of recovery. Here you will see regular updates on these sites, as well as many other projects of which we organise or participate in.

March Update -


March 2022

Crowhurst Environment Group (CEG) – March 2022

We hope you are now recovered from the recent storms, though some of you I know are still without power. Please let us know if we can help in any way.
Here are some updates:
Read the latest version of the Crowhurst Biodiversity Audit: Hot off the press is Dr John Feltwell's updated Crowhurst Biodiversity Audit, which provides a wealth of information about the biodiversity assets of our village.  This is a live document, so please continue to send in your wildlife sightings and information to inform the Audit for the future. If we don't know something is there, we cannot protect and conserve it. 
Please let us know if you would like a copy emailed to you. 
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre iRecord: Remember you can also send in your wildlife sightings to iRecord. Please see the following message from Bob Foreman at the Centre:
'Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre (SxBRC) shares data with almost all of the recording groups in Sussex, so if you send your records to them we will, in due course and after they have been verified, get them too. Likewise, if you send your records to us we will pass them to the recording groups for verification and input into their datasets. This relationship helps ensure that the records we hold are as accurate as possible.
The best way to send us records is via iRecord which is a free, easy-to-use online recording website. Records that you enter into iRecord are immediately available for us to download. What's more, they're available to view by the wider community through the site, making it an ideal way to share and explore wildlife sightings.' 
Bob Foreman ,Biodiversity Data Lead, Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.(

Further CEG meetings and updates will follow. Please see Diary & Events page, or contact us for updates.
New volunteers are always welcome. Here are our contact details:

Frances Royston: 830236 or
Will Kemp: 830454 or
Sonia Plato: 830349 or 

Please contact Sonia if you’d like to join our Wild about Crowhurst WhatsApp Group or be added to our CEG contact list for information and updates.

Keep safe!
Crowhurst Environment Group

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