Previous Events

Combe Haven Path Clearing Sept 2019
Footpath clearing on the Marsh, cutting back brambles on the footpath between The Three Bridges across towards Royal Oak Lane.  A further working group day is needed to finish the path.  Clearing along the path to Filsham Reed Beds and the upper path by the attenuation pond is also needed.
Combe Haven Bird Walk Sept  2019
Bird spotting walk around combe haven with Cliff Dean, starting from Crowhurst recreation ground.
Tree Walk, Saturday 1st June 2019
Eighteen people met at the churchyard and were introduced to Dr John Feltwell, our local tree warden, who was leading the walk. It started at the old yew tree at St George's Church, Crowhurst. We found that a number of trees on the walk had ash dieback. John explained that it was important to plan ahead by planting oak trees now to replace the ashes that would be lost in the next few  years. A variety of insects were encountered on the walk with some lovely coloured butterflies, meadow brown, holly blue, a red admiral.
Visit To Great Dixter
We had a magical evening visit to Great Dixter, where wildflower meadows are well established, to learn about the ideas behind the rapidly spreading movement to increase biodiversity by allowing nature to flourish with careful but minimal management. We learned that in the 1930s the UK used to have an area of wild meadows equivalent to Greater London; with intensive farming and building, that has now shrunk to the equivalent of three Northiams.

Spring Clean Litter Pick

Spring Clean Litter Pick on Saturday  6th April, with the RSPB, which was a really enjoyable team effort, with over 18 bags of rubbish, tyres, car door, a bird cage and more collected. Food served afterwards at the  village hall cafe at the crowhurst market.